UMB upper Limit ?!

UMB upper Limit ?!

Post by Derek Huan » Tue, 29 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Hi, everyone who can help me with:

    One of my computer shows this message whenever I turn on my computer
(right after memory counting).

    UMB upper limit segment address: F108 Invalid System Configuration
    Run configuration utility

    Fixed Disk 0: Identified


    How can I resolve this problem because I need to press "F1" key
everytime to keep continue the process.

    Thank you for your help.  I'm very appreciated of your help.



1. What's the upper limit for voltage?

I'm not sure where to go for this question, but I recently got asked to
fix a system that was misbehaving and finally found out that the voltage
coming out of the wall was often above 125 volts.  There were also a
number of power outages involved and a business serviced from the same
electrical transformer on the power pole uses some pretty heavy duty
electrical equipment and welders.  My question what voltage does
the computer equipment suffer damage?  I installed a UPS and it blew or
was defective, haven't determined that yet.  But, can a computer be
exposed to voltages over 125 without sustaining damage, and if so, what
is the limit?

Thanks for considering this with me,

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