CfP: UBICOMP 2002 - Conference on Ubiquitous Computing

CfP: UBICOMP 2002 - Conference on Ubiquitous Computing

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Announcing UbiComp 2002

International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing
September 29 - October 1
Goteborg, Sweden

The Fourth International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing, UbiComp
2002, will be the premier venue for presentation of research results
in all areas relating to the design, implementation, application and
evaluation of ubiquitous computing technologies.

Ubiquitous computing aims to enhance users' interactions
with computing devices that may be embedded throughout the environment
and may have explicit user interfaces, implicit task-oriented
affordances, or even be completely invisible. Imagine a world with
hundreds of wireless computing devices of different sizes in the same
room. In order to make this vision a reality, among the things we need
to rethink are user interfaces, displays, operating systems, networks,
and wireless communications.

To reflect the variety of research problems and the
diversity of approaches to their solution, we will be
seeking  contributions in a wide range of categories.
Full submission details can be found on the UbiComp web

Important deadlines:

Full papers: April 12
Technical notes: May 17
Workshop proposals: May 17
Doct*consortium: August 2
Posters: August 2
Video demonstrations: August 2
Student volunteers: August 2

The conference takes place in the beautiful Draken Cinema
and Conference Center in Goteborg, Sweden. Goteborg
(Gothenburg) is conveniently located on the West coast of Sweden, with
easy connections from the Nordic capitals Stockholm, Oslo, and
Copenhagen, as well as direct flights from many major European cities.

In addition to the high-quality paper program, UbiComp 2002 will host
many other special events, including:

Keynote speech:
"Ultimate Alchemy - Inside the new science of programmable atoms".
Science journalist and science fiction author Wil McCarthy reveals the
amazing new findings that make ubiquitous computing seem like kids'

Popcorn night with film and video demos:
Taking advantage of the Draken cinema venue, we will host
a special video session, showing old and new demonstration videos of
ubiquitous computing applications. This will be followed by a feature
film with a UbiComp theme. Popcorn will be served all night!

Co-operation with the "The Disappearing Computer":
A special event will showcase the ongoing work of the projects in this
proactive European Commission research initiative.

Many other events will be announced during the coming months; watch
the UbiComp web site for details.

We hope to see you at UbiComp 2002!

   - Lars Erik Holmquist, general chair, UbiComp 2002
     Future Applications Lab, Viktoria Institute

   - Gaetano Borriello, program chair, UbiComp 2002
     University of Washington and Intel Research

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