New powerful file searching tool

New powerful file searching tool

Post by Alex Loktyush » Sat, 16 Aug 2003 03:56:22

SmartSearch features the most powerful file searching tool available.
If you are looking for a specific file, or can't quite remember the
exact name of a file you need, this is a tool for you.
SmartSearch provides an efficient way to search any kind of files in
the Internet.

Download URL:


1. ! !!!!!!!! MIDI file search engine - search the web for a MIDI file !!!!!!!! !

You can search the entire internet for the MIDI file you may be
looking for by title of file name at my website. The search engine is
powered by Alta Vista and provided b Charles Kelly. Not quite 100%
accurate but *very* good. Give it a try.

Go to my website (URL below), click "Free MIDI files" in the table of
contents. scroll down the list of free  MIDI files until you get to
the bottom and you will find the search tool.

Bob "Notes" Norton
Owner, Norton Music

One of the 500 best sites on the web according to "The Internet Guide

FREE, pro quality MIDI files,
A MIDI file search engine (searches the internet for a MIDI),
Some of the best musician's links (IMHO),
Band-In-A-Box improvement software - FREE info and download(s),
A joke or two,
and some way cool, commercial stuff of interest to musicians

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