audio s'ware for deaf speech training

audio s'ware for deaf speech training

Post by Douglas R » Thu, 24 Oct 1991 14:22:08

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                Is there a device for teaching speech to the profoundly
        deaf such that an ideal visual representation of the word would
        appear on a computer screen accompanied by a similar real time
        analysis and display of the pupil's attempt?   They would learn
        to speak properly by matching their output with the ideal

                If you know anything about such a device, please contact
        Susie Fraser and John Barbour, parents of the beautiful and
        profoundly deaf Ellen, at

                44 Hampton St.,         phone:    61 - 8 - 373-2089
                Goodwood, SA 5034       (within aust: 08 - 373-2089)


1. 'SUNPLUS SPEECH' audio format

Sunplus ( makes a bunch of speech chips for
embedded systems.  They have a file format that has 'SUNPLUS SPEECH'
as a string at the beginning.

Anyone have details on the format or how to program their chips?  They
are weird and won't even let people download the PDF's of the docs on
the chips they're selling.

Ideally, I need to build a player as a sort of proof of concept -- I
have several of these 'SUNPLUS SPEECH' files, then a recorder which I
can test with the player.

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