Post by Bill Dunha » Thu, 30 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Has anyone out there tracked versions of NSTL's YMARK shareware?

I have versions 97.07.15 dated 25 July 97 and 98.15.02 dated 2 February

Have there been any intervening versions of the utility of which you are

Why are the versions being changed?  Was a system that passed with the
July test but flunks the February test still Y2K compliant?


1. NSTL's YEAR2000 Return Codes

NSTL's YEAR2000 program [www.nstl.com] gives return codes.  There
frequently asked questions page gives some hint at what to do about return
codes [for example, they suggest that PCs with a return code of 2 may need
a BIOS upgrade].

Anyone with any more specific information on these return codes.  For
example, I believe that return code of 2 means the PC cannot be on over the
1999 to 2000 transition and that the clock needs to be set only once after
the transition.

Reply to newsgroup and e-mail would be appreciated.

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