SheerPower 4GL -- Beyond BASIC V3.4

SheerPower 4GL -- Beyond BASIC V3.4

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For Immediate Release
August 6, 2003


        SAN DIEGO -- SheerPower 4GL -- Beyond BASIC is a full development
language but shares many advantages with popular scripting languages
such as, ultra-fast development speeds and ease of learning the
language.  SheerPower can be used to write programs of any size, from
simple web-enabled programs to vast database applications.

        You'll love the price.  SheerPower 4GL is 100 percent free!  And,
you'll be impressed with your ability to write * applications in a

        "The SheerPower 4GL Web site says that SheerPower 4GL is beyond
BASIC, and that's quite accurate," said Taran Rampersad, professional
software developer and author of "Extreme Programming."  "It's as
intuitive as BASIC even without the manual. At times I thought I was
looking at well-documented BASIC code, or C code, and sometimes both."

        Join thousands of others and download SheerPower 4GL today at -- the download is 100 percent free.

        Touch Technologies, Inc. (TTI) is a software research and development
company based out of San Diego.  Founded in 1982, TTI specializes in
system utilities and custom application development for the OpenVMS
and Windows NT marketplace. With a proven history of unparalleled
excellence, TTI also offers high-level consulting and product sales
worldwide.  TTI's high-end software is currently in use by the
majority of today's Fortune 1000 companies.  Already holding a number
of United States patents, TTI continues to push the limits of
technology with its cutting-edge software solutions.


1. v3.2 => v3.2c bugfix list?

Does anyone have a pointer to a list of which patches have been
folded into v3.2c?  I'm particularly curious about OSF320-094,
and about OSF320-072/OSF320-099.  The v3.2c release notes don't
seem to have anything that resembles a complete list (at least
not the hardcopy; I haven't checked the CDs yet), and the info
one can get from is essentially useless
(the information in /patches/Readmes/osf hasn't been updated
since July 4, so it's not even clear that those "Readme" files
contain anything resembling a complete list of patches anyway;
in fact, OSF320-072 and OSF320-099 aren't described in any of
the files one finds there).

Any we'll leave for another time our overwhelming disappointment
about the fact that Digital *still* doesn't have the patches up
for WWW access, as they promised (last spring) they would have,
starting July 1.  Ha!  (Grumble.)

Anyway, if there's a "the following OSF320-xxx patches have been
incorporated into v3.2c" list anywhere that I can grab a copy,
I'd love to hear.  Many thanks in advance ...

Mark Bartelt                                         416/978-5619

"Nur eine Waffel taugt!"    --    Parsifal, in an Eggo commercial

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