Thinking of going all iMac

Thinking of going all iMac

Post by goonsqu » Wed, 23 Jul 2003 05:54:05

I'm thinking of shifting from PC to iMac and wanted to get a feel for
whether people think it's a sensible plan, or whether the consensus is
to just buy a better PC.

I'm a PC musician doing MIDI + audio loops stuff. I'm not a computer
boffin, I just use what I need to hack and mix my tunes (VST, ReCycle,
SoundForge - that kind of thing). I have an AKAI S2000 sampler (what
an old workhorse), a Yamaha CS1x and an Akai D12 digital hard disk

My PC is an old goat of a thing and well up for retirement (Pentium
II, 350 Mhz with 194MB RAM, 4GB hard drive - mmm, the storage) plus a
SCSI linked Iomega ZIP100 drive.

It's always been remarkably stable, but I'm running out of ways to
keep hard drive space alive and it's just not up to processing what I
want it to when I'm running audio and MIDI in VST. I've been thinking
about getting an iMac superdrive just because it's way more powerful
and has DVD-R - which I'd like to experiment with for music+video
combis. My main reservation with going to a Mac is cost. I get the
feeling that to get a new iMac and use it for the same music work that
I do on the PC will cost me a fair bit in 'extras' (soundcards, new
software etc).

Any advice from people that have done similar and regretted it/loved
it? Help me make the right choice - go on, you know you want to.


PS I'd like to spend about 1,500 on the new 'computer' and 'extras' -
whatever that turns out to be. Also, I'm really keen to lose the hiss
that I currently have to deal with from the SB Live soundcard I use -
that really is a pain.


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