VMS binary-> OSF/1

VMS binary-> OSF/1

Post by Wentian » Thu, 27 Jul 1995 04:00:00

is there a software to convert VMS binaries
to OSF/1 (Digital Unix) binaries? either
public domain or from Digital?


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I need to transfer binaries and executables from a VAX running VMS thru
a DEC 5500 running to a 3100 running VMS, but have had no luck so far.

the destination machine is reachable _only_ via DECnet from the 5500;
the 5500 is reachable only by TCP/IP from the rest of the network; the
source machine has both TCP/IP and DECnet access.  So far I have been trying
to ftp code from the source VAX to the 5500, and then using dcp to get
the code over to the final machine; I've figured out how to get ascii files
over, but the executables and binaries have me stumped ( I'm not a VMS wiz).  

Anybody have any suggestions for the clueless?

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