Asynchronous Transfer Mode ???

Asynchronous Transfer Mode ???

Post by Le Suer Robe » Sun, 23 Oct 1994 02:45:12

Hello all,      

I have a quick computer question that I need a couple
comprehensive answers for.

What is Asynchronous Transfer Mode?

And two (this was asked of me)

Do you think this is the telecommunications mode of the future?

Beats me.  I need to know what it is first.  Thanks




1. Questions on Connector behaviour in asynchronous mode

H Vincent,

Oops, that's not how things are designed to work.  If the server isn't
running the connection will fail immediately, i.e., it doesn't wait
and keep trying unless you program it to do this explicitly.  Please
see the discussion of the Acceptor/Connector framework in Chapter 7 of
C++NPv2 <> for more info.  There
are examples of how to as an "exponetial backoff" connection algorithm
in that chapter.  This algorithm can be used both a connection time
and at reconnection time to achieve your goals.

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