Book about DEC and SCSI-devices.

Book about DEC and SCSI-devices.

Post by Koos Remigi » Thu, 20 Sep 1990 16:36:26

There is a book from DEC about SCSI-devices.
It's called "VMS version 5.3 Small Computer System Interface (SCSI)
                Device support manual."

It gives you some inside info how DEC sees the SCSI connection.
There is also an example SCSI-Driver in source-code.

Hope this info is of some use for someone out there.

The order number of the book is : AA-PAJ2A-TE

Koos Remigius.

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1. Generic SCSI devices for DEC 5000

We have found that there is no problem with 3rd party SCSI devices.One can
format large disks (e.g. 3 gigabytes)  in two smaller partitions. UNIX
has some built in limitation in partition size (2 gigabytes?). This limitation
also seems to apply to files opened on double-density tapes which is rather silly.  In terms of booting from nonDEC SCSI devices, we did a standard installation on a DEC device and then dump | restore to a 3rd party disk
we can then use that disk to run a system off of. With DMS one simply
newfs' a new disk on a running machine then one can boot on to it.

Ken McLean


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