new mailing list for Unisys

new mailing list for Unisys

Post by Usenet Maintenan » Fri, 02 Feb 1990 01:12:00

form a UNISYS news group. The response did not meet the requirements for
forming a new news group. I have therefore set up a mailing list for Unisys
users to discuss Unisys products, futures and any other topics of interest.

Path: svedberg!rick

If you subscribe the the list, you will receive a copy of all articles
submitted to the mailing list. Currently, there will be no source or archive
capability. I will also post a digest of articles submitted to the
comp.sys.misc news group about once/month. If you feel that the archive and
source capabilities are useful, I will consider starting this up later.

Some ground rules I would like to ask people to conform to are:

     1) Please indicate the specific architecture and/or product group the
article relates to.

     2) Attempt to provide both a uucp and internet address.

     3) When you subscibe, please indicate what Unisys hardware and software
you are using.

Some background for our site. We currently are using a 1100-72/E2 on 39R7. We
are at CD 3R1 and are a Mapper and UDS (RDMS) shop. We also have 1 5000/40 with
NET-5000 which is our news machine and 2 5000/50s using IS-5000 and DCR. We
also have several hundred PC/HTs and several IT and microIts.

I am the head of systems support for Baylor as well as the site security
officer. I also am the chairman of the USE security working group.

Head, System Support              Voice: (713)799-4511
Baylor College of Medicine        US Mail: One Baylor Plaza, 302H
                                           Houston, Texas 77030


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