new mailing list "Machine Learning for User Modeling"

new mailing list "Machine Learning for User Modeling"

Post by Wolfgang Poh » Thu, 20 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Dear colleagues,

this is to announce a new mailing list on "Machine Learning for User

for news and discussion on the application of machine learning
techniques to acquisition and update of user models or profiles in
intelligent, user-adaptive systems.  Feel free to interpret this focus
description as wide as possible.  

You are cordially invited to subscribe to the list.  Send an email to

quotes) in its body.

The automatic reply message to your subscription mentions a ML4UM web
site, to be found at .  The information that
this site provides is far from complete.  I hope that anyone
interested in getting people, projects, events and other things
mentioned there will send me URLs and other material.

Wolfgang Pohl, ML4UM admin

P.S.: Feel free to further distribute this post.  

Wolfgang Pohl; GMD FIT - German Nat. Res. Ctr. for Information Technology
Human-Computer Interaction Research Dept.,  D-53754 St. Augustin, Germany


1. "You have mail" vs "You have new mail"

Recently there was some discussion here about the message "You have
mail" being generated at login.  Lots of folks want a different
message, "You have new mail", if some or all of the mail is unread.

Those of you with source licences can fix this easily with the
following patch to login (login.c as of Ultrix 3.1):

<                            printf("You have mail.\n");

We sent this patch to DEC recently, so perhaps they will put it in the
next release....sorry, I will not hand out login source or binaries
to anyone.  Our login is pretty unlike DECs these days, and probably
not useful to anyone else.
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