info or address on pathworks

info or address on pathworks

Post by Charles Nicho » Thu, 27 Jan 1994 02:37:40

I am looking for some information on Pathworks.  I did an Archie search and
found what appeared to be items posted on web and ftp servers at the
address:  However, I was unable to connect through either web or
ftp clients.  If anyone has a source for information on Pathworks, I would
appreciate it.

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1. Need info on Pathworks

I'm responsible for an ODBC driver which communicates to a
proprietary datasource.  I now use WinSock or WSOCKETS to
communicate from my PC ODBC driver to my UNIX server.

I have been asked to make it work with PathWorks and DecNet.
Can anyone refer me to a description of these and a source
where I can get specifics on the API's available?

Appreciate any help.

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