Quotas on 3100's

Quotas on 3100's

Post by Christer Berner » Sat, 17 Mar 1990 17:05:17

Has anyone got the quota system to work on the 3100's. When we try it it
works OK on local (4.2) disks,
it works bad over NFS to our DS3100 server and much worse to our SUN
servers. Does anyone know anything ?
I don't bother asking DEC anymore since I haven't got any answer on
anything there yet.

Second: I'm still looking for a libc_G0.a has anyone seen such a library ?


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1. 'scsi' console command on a DEC 3100 - Information?


I have a DEC 3100 that has two drives: RZ23 and RZ24.  The RZ23 drive
is really fried.  I am hoping I can reformat it at the console prompt
by using the 'scsi' command.  Of course, the documentation I have
for the DEC 3100 says that `information for commands like 'scsi' and
't' that aren't listed in the help menu can be found in the "DEC 2100/3100
Maintenance Guide"`.  I do not have this manual.  Is there any kind soul
who could give me some information regarding this command and how I
can use it to try to reformat the drive?  I tried 'scsi fm RZ23' but
that was unsuccessful.  

Thanks a lot!

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