cvs - kerberos4 - wincvs

cvs - kerberos4 - wincvs

Post by NN » Tue, 08 Feb 2000 04:00:00

Is there anybody who set up a LINUX CVS-server with kerberos
authentication+encryption AND  set up Windows NT-clients with any GUI for
CVS (e.g wincvs)?

What I want to do is: setting up a LINUX Server with a CVS repository. Users
have to log in from NT-Boxes and authenticate themselves using kerberos4
How do I set up the kerberos Server, and, more important: how do I set up
the NT-Boxes?
I think i read all docs and faqs, but a "how to really do it" would be very
helpfull... (eg. put this file there, and edit it like that.....) so to
speak a foolproof-how to...
thanks for your help!!!!!


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I want to put the same file in different projects. With VSS I 'share' the
file between all these projects. Is there a similar command in wincvs/cvs or
what can I do instead?

I have to develope on more than one PC. First I make the main developement
on my own PC, then I do the further programming on the machine I develope
for. Therefore I have to check in my changes on one place and to check out
on the other. But I want to have my own 'playground' in the source control
database, not disturbing the other developers in my group.
Is there a chance to do it with wincvs/cvs or is there a better tool.
We are now working with VSS but we decided to change.


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