FS: 64MB DecStation 3000-500 memory simms

FS: 64MB DecStation 3000-500 memory simms

Post by HYUBS » Sat, 15 Aug 1998 04:00:00

For Sale:

64MB DEC genuine ram for $160, consisting of 8 pieces of 8mb DEC genuine

memory simms taken from a DEC 3000-500 workstation.  The machine has

sold off, but these simms were in it and working fine before the sale.  

Some identifying marks/numbers from the simms to help you determine

whether these will work for you:

The length of one simm measured to be exactly 5 and 5/8 inches

long. The 8mb simms have 10 chips per side, total of 20 for both sides.

The chips are  all 80ns, I believe they are Toshiba

chips.  What appears to be a manufacturer's symbol on each chip is a

large letter "T".    

Other numbers on each simm board

are:  5021138-01


to E20.    

Each simm has 100 pins (contacts) on each side.

Orange bar code stickers on each simm have what appear to be part and

serial numbers, for example:  5421139DL... B01...  ZG24141305

The DEC 3000-500 had what I call "memory tree motherboards", 4

of them, on which 8 pieces of simms had to be installed at a time, 2 per

layer per board. One layer had to be filled before the next was

populated, and each layer had to be filled completely...no installing

just 2,4, or 6 simms, you had to install 8.

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