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I'm buying a 3 button mouse for my computer, and I was wondering if you can
write a mouse.cfg file to tell the microsoft mouse driver that there are 3
buttons.  Will the program use a .cfg file?  What is the format for
this file?  TIA

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1. Searching for: EISA-CFG-file: !NVLA7FD.CFG

Hello Net Family,

there once was a running system but it was stroken by a lightning. It
came in via Modem and destroyed the mother board...

I have a real problem because it is the data base server! It has ISA,
EISA and PCI. So now I'm searching for a configuration file for the EISA

bus system. It's the config file for a net card from which I don't know
the constructor. Who could send me this file? The system askes for the
file "!NVLA7FD.CFG" (or the same in small letters).

It would be great if I could find it!!!!!!!!!!!!


Axel Zellner

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