My ergonomic nightmare

My ergonomic nightmare

Post by Pankaj Kum » Thu, 07 Feb 2002 13:32:50

A couple of years ago, I had a close encounter with the dreaded Carpal
Tunnel Syndrom. I responded by amassing an array of ergonomic gadgets
and adopting a voice recognition software, none of which provided a
lasting solution. Not to be content, I kept looking for a permanent
cure. Eventually, I found the cure in form of a remarkable recovery
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1. BlueRidge Computers (Nr. Doncaster, UK) Nightmare

Hi All,

I am writing this in good faith as a warning to anyone considering
purchasing a PC via mail-order, and in the hope it will protect
consumers from repeating my experiences of being a Blueridge Computers

In Dec 99 I responded to an advert in Computer Shopper and purchased a
P3/600 machine from Blueridge Computers (Nr. Doncaster, in UK.)

The sales line at Blueridge, was of course very efficient, but as soon
as they had my money and the machine was delivered the nightmare
started.  It was faulty on arrival, and to cut a long and painful
story short, they eventually delivered a working machine on the 4th
attempt.  That was after the usual hours of phone calls, loading the
latest drivers etc etc.

During the multiple repair attempt process, I requested my money be
refunded.  They refused to do this outright; which of course breaches
all consumers rights as the computer was not fit to be used on
receipt.  They didn't care about the law or a consumers rights though.

Believe it or not, I was also told 'so sue us - it will waste us all
time and money'.......I wish I had at the time.

Anyway, that was 18 months ago and the other week the machine went
wrong; nightmare starts again.  The PC is covered by a 3 year parts,
labour and collect & return warranty, and they did at least pick it up
when I phoned.

After talking to the tech dept a couple of days later, it seems that
all boards in the machine are 'blown'.  A expensive repair of course,
but that is not my problem - it's under warranty.  I was told over 2
weeks ago, that the manager would be contacting me to discuss this
(why I don't know).

Since this time I have contacted their 'customer services', but have
been stonewalled every time.  I think I'm up to around 25 calls now.
Each time I'm told 'a message has been left' or 'he's out at the
moment'...or the best laugh was 'it's not my department' ! (This was
the 'customer services' person!!!).

Anyway, I've now written the machine off,  but am going to pursue this
through small claims.  It seems that companies like this think they
can consistently breach peoples rights and get away with it.  Their
web site is just one big joke as it mentions that 'Blueridge always
their promises to customers'.  Well, here's one guy that knows this is
garbage and I expect there are others (let me know if YOU are one!).

I can only now assume that either they want to keep my property, which
is theft, or they are trying to get out of the warranty repair in some
way.  As they will not contact me, I don't know why.  I've now taken
advice and am attempting to communicate via special delivery letters,
which they
are also not replying to.

Please, steer away from box-shifting cowboys - especially Blueridge
Computers; the effort is not worth it.--

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