Videos, Videos, Videos !!

Videos, Videos, Videos !!

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1. AD: NEW VIDEO: "Getting Started in Digital Video Editing"

If you have a personal computer or are planning on buying one in the near
future, NON-LINEAR VIDEO EDITING on your home or office computer is more
accessible to you than you may realize.

Are you interested in:

* ... creating multimedia products that use video?
* ... avoiding the high costs of professional video editing suites?
* ... taping and assembling instructional videos for your company?
* ... marketing and selling your own "How To" videos?
* ... taking your home videos to the highest level?

If one of the above reasons is why you're interested in editing video on a
desktop computer - Macintosh or IBM - and if you're not familiar with the
hardware, software and resources available to you in setting up your own
non-linear editing system, then our video - "Getting Started in Digital
Video Editing" - is for you!

AND it's not too late to *pre-order* your copy today at a 25% SAVINGS!  Our
latest video releases on May 5th for $39.95 but if your order is postmarked
by April 30th YOUR COST IS ONLY $29.95!! (plus $4 S&H for each video

This 60-minute video and document will answer these questions and more:

* What are some of the common video capture boards?
* What is the typical computer configuration you'll need?
* What additional hardware will make your editing easier?
* Where do you go to find more information?
* Who are the suppliers you can trust for hardware, etc.?
* What resources are available via the Internet?
* How much does all of this stuff cost!?!?

Send check, money-order or credit card information (MasterCard or Visa
only) for $33.95 to:

        InDepth Production Company
        Re: Getting Started in DVE
        15600 NE 8th Street, Suite B1-115
        Bellevue, Washington  98008

- or -

- or -

24-hour Fax / Voice-mail line:  206-747-9164

Visit our web site to find out more information about us or to printout our
video order form at

We're looking forward to helping you get started in this exciting area of


InDepth Productions

P.S.  This video is available in VHS format.  For S-VHS format add $5.  If
you're interested in a PAL or SECAM format (non-United States standards),
please let us know (additional conversion costs may apply).

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