Color Palettes and color editing tool

Color Palettes and color editing tool

Post by Yu Che » Tue, 21 Jan 1997 04:00:00

We are interested in public domain color palettes for widget and
color selections.  A tool to modify these palettes would also be

Any help or info will be greatly appreciated.
Yu Chen


1. colors colors colors

They have also been refered to by color, with tops-blue being
Tops-10 and tops-orange being Tops-20.  Obscure refs have been
made to tops-black, which would be pre-6.04 LIR (limited interim
release) which was often seen on the early KA10's (both of mine,
serial numbers 9 and 44, were black), though I think I had some
DF10 and RC10 (and of course the BeerCooler10) gear which was

Of course, that pretty sea-breeze blue that the PDP6 came in was
pretty cool.


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