Graphic artist needed for a game.

Graphic artist needed for a game.

Post by a920.. » Sat, 13 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Hi you all.
  We are a team of four persons working on a game. We used to be five, but
one left us. He was a graphic artist, so now we need another one. The task
is drawing background tiles & scenery for a fantasy magic-monsters-swords
game. It will be some kind of mixture between arcade-RPG-adventure. The
gameplay is similar to Gauntlet, Alien Breed and those, since it is a
top viewed game. Please note that we are not proffesionals, just a group
of univ. students that want to get into the game programming world. There
is no payment involved on this, but the idea is to get some money if the
game is good enough to be sold (which we hope).
  If you are interested on joining us, please mail me as soon as possible,
since the main development stage will be during summer. Mail me too if you
want more info about us. We are soon having a very basic demo of how the
game will look like, in case you want to take a look.

I hope to hear from somebody soon!


P.S.: No matter geographic location. We communicate over the internet.