mag tape cleaner

mag tape cleaner

Post by WAKEMA » Sat, 01 Aug 1992 22:38:07

Anybody know where we can get a mag tape cleaner. Our Carlisle (Graham Magnetic
) went on fritz and may be too expensive to fix, especially considering that
round mag tapes are becomming outmoded in favot of DATs, etc. (are there
cleaners for those?)

1. Tape Cleaners

I am looking for a source for 9 track tape cleaners.  I haven't seen
one in about 20 years, but now have many tapes (about that old!) that
are still needed and are in desparate need of cleaning and
retensioning.  The device I saw way back when looked kind of like a
reel-to-reel tape deck, but vacuumed the tape and then rewound it at
proper tension.

Does anyone have a source for one of these?

Thanks in advance,


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