Wages for University Computer Lab Assistants.

Wages for University Computer Lab Assistants.

Post by Pat Luth » Wed, 02 May 1990 20:52:00

I would like to hear from those of you who work in computer
labs at universities, regarding your various payrates.  We here
at the University of the Pacific feel that our hourly payrate is
too low for what we do.  Minimum wage in California is $4.25/hour.
TA's here start out at $4.35/hour.  After about 3 years, our
pay increases to a maximum of $5.30/hour, or $5.65/hour for the Head
TA's (those in charge
         of the various computer labs).  We plan on asking for
higher pay, but we would like to have some firsthand figures from
other universities about what they pay their TA's. (Or whatever
they call them there.)  Everyone I've talked to who works at other
universities get paid more, but we would like firsthand figures
to present to the ones who make the budget.
Please mail your responses.  One of the following addresses will
usually get to me:

If anyone is interested in this information, I'll mail to you, or
post.  I'm especially interested in hearing from  those who are in
charge of setting the payrates.

                                Thanks in advance.
                                Patrick Luther


1. Wages for University computer lab TA's

(Some people pointed out more appropriate groups for  this,
 but here is where I started it, so....)

Thanks to all who responded to my survey on wages paid to
university computer lab employees....

I haven't gotten any more responses for a while now, so I think I've
gotten about all I'm going to....

Currently, I'm in the process of summarizing everything, and will post
the results within a few days....

I got some great answers to some of the questions:  It seems everyone
in California gets paid more than us, though there were lower wages
in other states....

My personal favorite was the one who started his message with "I
make more than that at UCSC for checking bags...."

Just about everyone agreed that $5.35 was too low a maximum, even
the ones whose payscale started lower than ours.....

Well, anyway, hard data on its way soon. Thanks again, everyone!


btw, my name has changed. I am now:

mail to chaos should still get to me...at least for a little while.....

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