AXP 3000/500 bootable 4mm tape (OSF1 1.2)

AXP 3000/500 bootable 4mm tape (OSF1 1.2)

Post by jock » Thu, 22 Jul 1993 02:25:41

Just wondering if it can be done and if so, how?


1. serial port speed for a DEC 3000 Model 500 AXP

Hi Everyone,

A quick question regarding the console/printer ports at the back of
a DEC 3000 Model 500 AXP woekstation: Is it true that both the MMJ
and the DB25 ports at the back of this moachine can only go up to
9600 baud? There is a one page on "Current and Future Capabilities"
that says the altenate console/printer port on the 300 AXP can only
g up to 9600 baud, but it doesn't mention whether the other DB25
port will behave in the same manner. Also, the OSF/1 ttytab (or ttys?)
has only entries that go up to 9600 baud but not higher. Does that
mean not printer device can talk to the 300 AXP at speed higer than
9600 baud? The reason why I am asking this is I want to connect a
DEC Colormate to the Alpha, but sending megabytes of colour PostScript
at 9600 baud is not exactly a bright idea. Thanks in advance.


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