New Public Mailing List for Cyclic News Releases

New Public Mailing List for Cyclic News Releases

Post by Jim Kingd » Tue, 04 Feb 1997 04:00:00

It has always been possible to get Cyclic news releases from our
web site and a few other sources.  But Cyclic now has a public mailing
list, carrying Cyclic news releases only, not discussion or other
messages.  The expected volume is approximately one message per month.

To subscribe, send a message whose body consists of "subscribe

get an automated acknowledgement.

Cyclic Software sells support for CVS, a cross-platform, easy to
administer client/server configuration management system.  For more
information on Cyclic and CVS, see our web page at


1. looking for a list of public news servers


Since the news server of my ISP has a terrible news feed (unreliable and no
groups) I am looking for a public news server which is better. I know that
are some wizards on the net who are able to find such servers and sell
lists for
a couple of $. Another way would be a system administrator who would give
me a permit
for a news server for a small amount. I would appreciate any help.


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