question about faking SLIP or PPP through unix-unix dialup

question about faking SLIP or PPP through unix-unix dialup

Post by Michael Lev » Sat, 26 Jul 1997 04:00:00

    I have a DecStation 3100 running Ultrix 4.3. I run kermit on it and
dial up through a modem to connext to a Unix machine (a regular csh
account) at work. I also have xmosaic (a WWW browser) running on my
DecStation at home, and am wondering if there's a way to browse the web
using this graphical browser over the dialup line. The best thing to do
would be to set up PPP or SLIP but I've been told that 1) I'll need a
kernel patch on my machine at home (and I don't want to do it because I'll
*something up) and 2) I need the cooperation of the sysadmin at work
(which I don't have). So, is it possible to run something in unprivileged
user mode (on both sides) to enable me to use a graphical browser? I've
heard of something called SLiRP and am in the process of reading its docs,
but everything seems to assume that I'm dialing to a Unix system from a PC
or Mac. Does anyone out there have this set up and working on a Unix box?

Mike Levin


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I'm not terriably interested in multiple loopbacks, but you did say something
which interests me:

Ultrix 4.x and 386bsd, in the same sentance!

I tried to port the ppp-1.2.tar package to Ultrix 4.2a, but all I discovered
is that I'm far to out of my league on this one.

I also have need to make (1) slip or (2) ppp run through a pty.  Why?  We have
all our modems connected to terminal servers.  I was planning on something
like this:

my machine (modem) --> (modem) term server (ethernet, telnet) -> Ultrix 4.2a

Or I need to pay for a dedicated line, which is not cheap.


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