Starion 950 with 3rd party video (ATI all in wonder)

Starion 950 with 3rd party video (ATI all in wonder)

Post by Stephen Naidyhorsk » Mon, 28 Jul 1997 04:00:00

I am hoping someone can assist me with a problem.... I have the Starion
950 and have purchased an ATI board. I expected to come home and disable
the on board s3 chipset either in the bios or with a jumper move. I feel
fairly certain that it is not possible through the bios after trying
that. I am still hoping that a jumper move is possible. I have not been
able to find the jumper (if it exists). The documentation is less than
detailed in respect to the motherboard and its settings options.

 I have tried the simple method of just installing the board and hoping
the bios detects it rather than the integrated luck. I did
read another post where a user had the 910. From what I gather, he was
able to just install a matrox board and the system worked fine. Except
that win95 device manager still showed the integrated chipset..which I
find unexceptable in my case. But as it stands this approach will not
even work..and quite frankly would have been surprised if it did.


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Steve Duran

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