Daily Y2K news summary: Sanger's Review of the Millennium

Daily Y2K news summary: Sanger's Review of the Millennium

Post by Larry Sange » Sat, 03 Oct 1998 04:00:00

That's the URL for *Sanger's Review of the
Millennium* -- a new daily summary of the news about

Please take a look and bookmark the page if you like

Here's a little about the site --

The sole aim of this website is to provide, each day,
links to and intelligent summaries of the most
important news articles about the Year 2000 problem, in
what the Review deems their order of importance. The
day's Review will, hopefully, be posted by 5 PM EST
every day. The news from Saturday -- typically a slow
news day -- may be posted on Sunday. Old issues of the
Review will be placed in an archive.

The Review will contain links to articles that are
actually news about Y2K. In general, Year 2000-related
stories to be summarized will concern:
    -- significant, reasonably credible reports of
industry or government progress; e.g., major surveys
and interviews with organization heads
    -- major announcements by key public figures, Y2K
experts, industry groups, and governmental agencies
    -- important legislation and international action
    -- particularly telling incidents of Y2K repair or
    -- the introduction of truly important Y2K-fighting
tools and strategies employed by industry and
    -- new developments in public reaction (ranging
from preparation to panic) to the problem
commentary that the author of this site finds
particularly worthwhile

Items that will not be summarized in the Review
include: most introductory surveys, commentary, old
news, and items of relatively narrow appeal.

The Review will, consistent with its name, and to keep
things lively, include some comments of praise and
criticism about the articles themselves. But by and
large the news will be summarized as it is contained in
the articles. The Review's editorial stance toward Y2K
issues is one of cautious, circumspect optimism; hence,
stories both supporting and undermining Y2K alarmism
will be included. The Review encourages forming
opinions about Y2K based solely on the facts.

The news about Y2K is something that is conveyed
primarily by text. Hence, and for purposes of
simplicity and quick downloading time, the only
graphics to be used on the site will be banner

The Review will continue to exist only through support
from sponsors and advertisers: creating this website is
quite labor-intensive.

News creators: please do contact the Review with links
to Y2K-related articles that you would like summarized.
The Review will reserve sole judgment about what is to
be included, of course.

About the author. This site is written and maintained
by Larry Sanger, who holds an M.A. in philosophy and is
presently finishing his Ph.D. He is well-informed about
the Year 2000 problem.

I wade through the Y2K news so you don't have to!

Best wishes,
Larry Sanger