Research Scientist Position at Rank Xerox Research Centre

Research Scientist Position at Rank Xerox Research Centre

Post by Daniele Paga » Tue, 01 Aug 1995 04:00:00

The Coordination Technology Group at the Rank Xerox Research Centre,
Grenoble Lab, France has the following permanent research position

Position:  Research Scientist

Job description: join a team designing a CSCW system to support
business processes. The successful candidate will focus on the design
of the user interface to: i) visualize and edit multiple views of
workflow representations (time, tasks, documents, roles, etc.); ii)
support cooperation among the workers involved in the workflow. The
design of the UI will involve exploring different metaphors (e.g.,
MUDs) and different platforms (e.g., compound document platforms such
as OpenDoc and OLE). The successful candidate will be involved also in
the deployment and evaluation of the designed system with end-users in
a pilot real world setting.

Qualifications: M.S. or PhD in Human Factors, Interface Design,
Computer Science or related field.  Experience in as many areas as
possible among: CSCW and work process support tools; design and
development of user interfaces with high-level toolkits (e.g. Tcl/Tk,
Visual Basic, HyperCard, etc.); development of distributed
applications using high-level scripting platforms (e.g. ToolTalk,
Tcl-DP, Safe-Tcl, AppleScript, etc.).

Please send your resume to:
Daniele Pagani
Rank Xerox Research Centre
6, chemin de Maupertuis - 38240 Meylan - France