Bus Mouse VS. Serial Mouse

Bus Mouse VS. Serial Mouse

Post by Darrin Hopki » Fri, 05 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Input Input Input.

Is there anyone out there that may have a diagram and/or the pin out
settings to convert a 6 pin Microsoft (PS/2) (Din) Bus mouse to a 9
Pin Serial.

I have tried approximately 5 different adapters that supposedly
convert from 6 pin PS/2 - Bus - Din (whatever you want to call it) to
a standard 9 pin serial plug.

Finally fed up with trips to the store, I've decided to just wire it
myself, one problem being is that I can't seem to find the conversion
diagram anywhere!!!!    

Help if you can........ I't would be much appreciated.



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I started with a Digital mouse with a PS/2 like connector which isn't of
course PS/2 *or* bus mouse compatible. So I then got hold of a full length
Digital DEPCA AA network card with mouse port. Unfortunately, it won't boot
in my machine (a standard problem with DEC cards apart from the Turbo 3 in
my machines).

So - is there such a thing as a DIGITAL network card with mouse port like
the Turbo 3 or is there a Digital Mouse card which my mouse will work with?

(And work under Windows 3.11...and DOS 6.22 . .. just playing safe!).

David Longley

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