Please share your opinions about graduate studies in CS/CE

Please share your opinions about graduate studies in CS/CE

Post by Joe » Tue, 12 Aug 2003 11:35:18


I have BSc and MSc in Electrical Engineering
and 10 years of work experience in the
Telecom Industry, mostly in Embedded Software
design. I am now planning to go back to
school to acquire PhD degree. I am
researching different topics for graduate
studies and research in Computer Science,
Computer Engineering and Software

I am intersected in the following topics
which are close to my education and

Computer Networks, Multimedia, Wireless
Distributed Systems
Network Computing
Software Engineering

I am not too familiar with the research areas
in Computer Science, I am thinking about
Algorithms, Databases, Knowledge-Based
Systems, E-Commerce and Internet Computing.

I am looking for information about the
current and future trend of research in each
their future academic and industrial
applications and potential job market.

Could you please share your opinion about
Are you aware of specific book, magazine or
websites which can help me in my research?

Thank you in advance for your information.

Joe Smith


1. opinion please: study formal methods in University or bend to market reality?


After 14yrs I.T. work I am returning to University.
I plan to get a B.S. in math with a possible M.S. in
mathematics so that I can study and apply formal methods
(eg. of the Maude/SPIN/RAISE/VDM kind.)

I think the following is true much of the time:
* I.T. does not do a proper job of getting
  requirements (and TQM should be used to
  impact this) and otherwise understanding
  the importance of customer satisfaction.
* Even if I.T. does get proper functional
  and non-functional requirements, I.T. does
  not have any real tools to maximize the benefit
  of analyzing the requirements before
  code, test (eg. there is no real "CAD").
  I mainly refer to functional requirements
* I believe that formal methods will ultimately
  become central to the way things are done.
  Rose/UML, while certainly having the right intent,
  focus too much on graphical-notation and not on
* There is little to zero demand for formal
  methods in the commercial world except for NASA,
  Boeing, DoD, medical and other safety-critical work.

Questions for you:
1] Would you bend to the commercial market place
   and get a B.S./M.S. in computer science and
   forget about formal methods? Or would you
   try to set the pace and do formal methods
2] Do you know of any companies in the Washington
   D.C. area that seek to employee I.T. people
   who have a strong background in mathematics
   and formal methods? Other cities?
3] How mature do you think formal methods are?
   Do you have experience with RAISE?
4] How important do you think a degree is?
   (While I plan to get one anyway, I would
   personally answer the question like this:
   degrees in C.S. are not demanded by the I.T.
   market and are far less important than expectations
   set in the medicine, architecture, physics,
   chemistry etc.).


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