Newer 5000's (200 & 120/125) not going into SCSI Sync mode?

Newer 5000's (200 & 120/125) not going into SCSI Sync mode?

Post by System Manag » Fri, 25 Oct 1991 03:09:50

We seem to be having a problem with SCSI performance with a number of our
newer DECstation 5000s (both the model 200's and model 120/125s).  We have
a number of CDC/Imprimis/Seagate Wren 6,7,8 drives attached to an assortment
of 5000s and the performance seems to vary depending on the machine. It
appears that the newer 5000's are not negotiating SYNC SCSI mode correctly
with these drives. In one case, we had a 5000 which used to achieve 2200KB/s
on this particular disk bench (disktest) on a Wren 7 and now that the
was replaced this spring (may/june), it only achieves around 1400KB/s max. The
is the same, so is the kernel and everything else except for the 5000/200

the model 200 SCSI which fixes the booting off a RRD42 as well as some
with SCSI-2 support on other devices. Does anyone know if this particular
that we're seeing is fixed by this EPROM upgrade? (we have ordered a number of
them through our field service rep). And... if so, is such an upgrade available
the 120/125?  (also, is anyone else seeing problems like this?)

thanks much

-art stine
sr network engineer
clarkson u


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We ordered 5000/125's and accepted delivery on 120's in the expectation that
the upgrade to the 125 would be coming soon.  Well, the parts arrived, and
I'm looking for someone else who's gone through the procedure first to
assure me that it's simply a matter of replacing the CPU and everything else
will be dandy.

(Oh I suppose you need to replace the little nameplate on the front too)


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