How to Post Article using trn

How to Post Article using trn

Post by Kal Path » Thu, 27 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Dear Folks:

                I do not know whether I am positing this to the right
newsgroup. If I am not I apologize and would like information as to which
is the correct newsgroup to post my question.

                A friend of mine uses the trn (read news command) on his
UNIX system to read news, access internet etc. He wants to know how to post
an article (like I am doing right now) ontu the internet. He has tried 'Help'
'?' command but none help. He does not know the command in trn as to how to
post. I do not use the trn command so I cannot help him.

                Any tips, pointer greatly appreciated.

                Please post answer to the net since I cannot receive e-mail.

                Thanks a lot!

Kal Pathak


1. Posting to a newsgroup using TRN

Errrmm, not too sure BUT i think ;-) ,,,,

that if you hit "r" it will reply to the current posting, other than
that ie, to originate an article you have to use a mail program like
sendmail (personally, i use Pegasus, which is pretty damn good)

if i'm wrong in the above i apologise, p'haps someone who uses TRN
could shed more light on the subject :-)

incidentally, i DO use TRN but i only use it to browse the newsgroups
-- Sorry,,,,

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