The pausing searchlight wits, and having wot, moves on.

The pausing searchlight wits, and having wot, moves on.

Post by Arthur T. Murr » Sun, 09 Jul 2000 04:00:00

There is a design for emergent consciousness in Mind.Forth AI
but no specific CONSCIOUSNESS module to implement the design.
Instead, consciousness is an epiphenomenon expected to result
from the feedback loops of the artificial mind as it becomes
aware of itself.

The Mind.Forth
program flow-chart (q.v.) shows the first such feedback loop
where the output of the SPEECH module feeds as input back into
the AUDITION module.  Here not just programming but experience
itself offers the waxing Forthmind a chance to become aware
that it is altering its own input stream.

The "searchlight of attention" in any conscious mind contributes
to the illusion of consciousness by immediately and vastly
expanding the input stream from any sector where the searchlight
pauses.  The pausing searchlight wits, and having wot, moves on.

In the magical algebra of the mind, the
[ illusion of consciousness ]  equals  [ consciousness ].



1. Medicare Is Gone, No Ifs ,Ands Or Buts.


I'm sympathetic to your verdict here.

But what I would like is a reminder, purely for my own edification, about
the argument behind your view.  Essentially, you argue: Congressman Horn
gives Medicare a "D"; therefore Medicare is gone.  Of course, you've left
out a bunch of steps in the argument.

It's not like I have never seen this sort of argument before; I've made
such arguments myself.  It's just that, after all of my own research, I
still do not conclude immediately, as you do, that the fact that Medicare
is really far behind in its Y2K work, that it will thus necessarily fail --
that not only will the computer systems that run it not work, but also that
all the contingency plans that may be in place will also fail.  It does
seem plausible to me that both the systems and the contingency plans will
fail, in both Medicare and in many other systems.  But of course it doesn't
just seem *plausible* to you -- it appears to strike you as a certainty.
And where I see certainty and a reasonable-seeming man, I expect a really
good argument or two.

So unless you are tired of explaining your position (and I can't imagine
that you are), could you please explain what the argument is behind your
view that Medicare will, (almost?) certainly, fail given Horn's report on
its progress so far.

BTW I am not asking this in order to argue about it with anyone.  I am
asking it, as I said, simply for my own edification.  I'm not even asking
it in order to decide whether or not I should prepare, because I've already
decided that.

Thank you,

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