CVS performance in client/server mode?

CVS performance in client/server mode?

Post by Dan Hayne » Wed, 21 Apr 1999 04:00:00

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Two questions:

I'm using the CVS client (V1.9.28) on NT (Cygwin).

Have a 33MB repository on an NT server. The actual source tree when
checked out is about 10MB.

I have a 128K Frame relay connection to the server where the
repository is stored.

Using Cygwin to 'mount' the server (mount //server/directory /foob)

export CVSROOT=/foob/x/cvsroot

cvs checkout -P

After a bit over two and a half hours of non-stop network activity, I
get a copy of the source tree :-(

I looked at the information on setting it up CVS in client server mode
- - and it looks like it would take a bit of time to get it up and
working. Before I spend the time on it I'd like to get an idea if it's
going to help the performance or not.

My questions:

1. How much performance improvement (if any) might I see in
client/server mode? I can't tell if the bottlneck is the crappy
performance of Cygwin or the way I'm using CVS.

2. How reliable is client/server mode with the Cygwin port of CVS?

I would appreciate any pointers to FAQs that I missed, experiences,
feedback or sympathy cards :-)


  Dan Haynes
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I have been using CVS smoothly for quite a few years now, but now I am
faced with a problem I don't seem to be able to solve:

I have a CVS repository on a remote UNIX machine. Checkouts to Windows
(2K) only, using the rsh client/server method. That machine is going
to be taken away from us and instead we are being asked to use
available NFS space for that repository.

So, I tar-ed and gzip-ed the entire cvsroot, copied it over to the NFS
space and untarred/unzipped it. So far, so good. But now when I do
checkouts I get zillion of extra CR/LF characters! I could have lived
with that ugliness (the compiler seems to be fine with it), but there
are binary files in the repository that get corrupted when checked out

Any idea how to transfer that client/server repository to an NFS mount
while making sure those binaries won't incurr the CR/LF translation
when checked out?

Please help, as I am desperate...

Thanks in advance,


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