ACE+TAO- x.2.8 released

ACE+TAO- x.2.8 released

Post by Balachandran Nataraja » Fri, 27 Dec 2002 22:21:17



We're closer to releasing ACE+TAO x.3 which we plan to release
soon. Please see

for the list of bugs that we plan to finish up before x.3 is

The latest beta release (x.2.8) is now available at:

This beta contains fixes for problems that lead to crashes with
ACE+TAO. Further, we encourage you to download and test this beta with
your applications so that you can let us know if there are any serious
problems that needs immediate attention before the official ACE+TAO
x.3 release.  As  always, please use the:

so that we have the version/platform/compiler/options you've using.

We would also request  you to take a look at
$TAO_ROOT/docs/releasenotes for the status of various projects that
are going on at the doc_groups of WashU, UCI and Vanderbilt to move
TAO forward.

In addition the following is a list of noteworthy changes to the
latest beta. Please refer to the ChangeLog for more details on the
problem and the nature of fixes applied.

General Changes:

. Improved support for Green Hills compiler on VxWorks and MACOSX
  10.2. There are still problems with MAC's toool chain support which
  prevents ACE+TAO to be built clean. Apple engineers are aware of
  these problems and are working to solve them.

Changes in ACE
. Added a new crc32 () that works on IOVEC to ACE.

. Enhanced the ACE_CDR_Stream to support codeset negotiation. Please
  refer to the ChangeLog entry for the details of added support.

. Fixed a race condition which shows up when ACE_Connector is used for
  asynchronous connects with timeouts. [BUG 1405]

. Compiling ACE using cygwin and gcc3.2 is a work in progress and is
  expected to complete before ACE 5.3 is released.

. The ACE Proactor_Test has been modified to follow the proactor usage
  guidelines better. In particular, it is more careful to not leave
  operations pending before exiting the event loop. The Proactor
  framework itself is working better than the previous beta on
  Linux. It still has problems (the Proactor_Test times out) on
  Solaris. Also, the Proactor_Test crashes on multi-CPU Linux. This is
  being investigated with the glibc team.

. ACE now works correctly with g++ 3.2 on AIX (modulo the
  Reactor_Exceptions_Test which crashes - this is thought to be a
  compiler issue).

. ACE now works correctly with the Visual Age C++ 6 compiler on AIX 5.

. 2 new wrappers were added - ACE_OS::sigwaitinfo() and

. ACE and its tests now build mostly correctly on Windows PocketPC
  2002 using eMbedded Visual Age C++ 3. Use the
  ACE_wrappers/ace/ace.vcw and ACE_wrappers/tests/tests.vcw
  workspaces. These files are automatically generated during the ACE
  release process using the MakeProjectCreator tool. See
  ACE_wrappers/bin/MakeProjectCreator for details. Thanks go to
  OCI for contributing this very useful tool. All .vcw and .vcp files
  in the ace and tests directories from previous ACE releases have
  been removed.

. ACE now includes Visual C++ .NET solution and project files for the
  main ACE library and the tests. Use ACE_wrappers/ace/ace.sln and
  ACE_wrappers/tests/tests.sln solution files, respectively. These
  files  are also generated during the ACE release process using the
  MakeProjectCreator tool.

. Bugzilla 1387 (deadlock when handle_timeout() returns -1 under
  ACE_TP_Reactor) fixed.

Bugs fixed in ACE:
919, 1115, 1387, 1405

Changes in TAO

. Fixed a problem with improper reference counting in TAO_Transport
  class that caused muti-threaded applications to crash when one of
  the threads  was processing a request/reply and another thread was
  processing a connection closure [BUG 1382]

. Fixed memory leaks when asynch connects to remote hosts failed.

. Fixed problems with CORBALOC_Parser code in emulated exception

. Added spec required cast operator that returned char *& from
  CORBA::String_var class. Removed the cast operator that returned
  char *. This is in conformance with issues 3796 and 3797 that have
  been closed and resolved with the OMG. [BUG 1402]

. Fixed a deadlock during connection purging by the
  Transport_Cache_Manager which showed up only if the ORB is
  configured to use the ACE_Select_Reactor

. Added a cast operator that returns an Any& from CORBA::Any_var. [BUG

. Fixed race conditions when timeout policies are set by a
  multi-threaded application. [BUG 1276]

IDL compiler:

. Removed all the memory management code generated for * _forany

. Fixes to the #pragma prefix handling in the IDL compiler

. Checks added in the IDL compiler to make sure only the ACE version
  of gperf is used. The IDL compiler started using the GNU version of
  gperf if it was present.

. Fixed code generation for components and event types.

ORB Services:

. Properly remove the Event Handlers registered by the Event_Channel
  gateway with the Reactor.

. The buffering strategy in the Notification service has been
  reimplemented. This fixes the broken execution of the
  $TAO_ROOT/orbsvcs/tests/Notify/Blocking test. Please refer to the
  ChangeLog entries for details.

. Fixed problems during initialization of the Notify_Service that
  caused the initializers to be called multiple times during startup.

. Enhanced the $TAO_ROOT/orbsvcs/tests/Notify/Basic/AdminProperties
  test to exercise the MaxQueueLength, MaxSuppliers/MaxConsumers

. Added the $TAO_ROOT/orbsvcs/tests/Notify/Basic/Sequence test for

. Added a crash test for SSLIOP.

Bugs fixed in TAO:

790, 1276, 1299, 1382, 1396, 1402, 1404