westergaard going, but not gone

westergaard going, but not gone

Post by david moor » Wed, 05 Jan 2000 04:00:00

As far as the future of Westergaard Year 2000, we will be closing down
shortly provided that things continue running as smoothly as they have thus
far. If things take a turn for the worse, rest assured that we will be
around to
provide a forum for informa ve discussion and analysis in order to minimize
any further disruptions. John Yellig Editor Westergaard Year 2000

what do you think?

 have they been a part of the problem or not?

 is there anything they can do to "minimize any further disruptions?"

David Moore

"wholesale hysteria is clearly not called for."
Tom Oleson

when it is, they'll let us know ;-)


1. y2k newsarticles going, going, gone?

Here's an updated count of y2k related articles linked from De Jagers site
over the
past two weeks:

Friday 12/31        78
Saturday 1/1        60
Sunday 1/2           53
Monday 1/3        131
Tuesday 1/4         72
Wednesday 1/5   56
Thursday 1/6        50
Friday 1/7             32
Saturday 1/8         21
Sunday 1/9            21
Monday 1/10         59
Tuesday 1/11        12
Wednesday 1/12    2
Thursday 1/13        13
Friday 1/14             10  (down from 78 two weeks ago and 32 last week)

Any estimates for next Friday (1/21)?  I do think the press is losing

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