Training MS Speech Engine

Training MS Speech Engine

Post by spamgac.. » Sun, 04 Mar 2001 04:14:08

I am using the speech engine that comes with the SAPI package from Microsoft -
It does not have a voice training method built in - What's the easiest way to
train command and control on MS's engine? Has anyone out there written code
for it, or is there an easier way? (I'm pretty new at this speech stuff)

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1. Any free dictation software using MS speech recognition engine?

It's great MS has made a free TTs system and also a speech recognition engine. So, are there any free applications taking advantage of the speech recognition engine and letting me to dictate text?

Surely there must be some software as there are many text readers out there reading, for instance, text from the clipboard using a SAPI compatible speech engine.

In an ideal case I would like to input text to any text box control regardless of the application. I think dictation could be nice for e-mails.

By the way, Does anybody know if there are any dictation software allowing you to dictate in Finnish? I already have a Finnish speech synth.

I use the MS TTS engine and Narrator for screen reading under Win 2k.
In Win 9x I am using Supernova.

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