Basic Research Position in Media Technology

Basic Research Position in Media Technology

Post by Irek Def » Sun, 12 Dec 1993 21:56:15

         Basic Research Position in Multimedia Technology

In a short time we will have an opening in basic research in
multimedia technology. The topic is integration of information
modalities, following the example of human/biological system
with a goal of building advanced multimedia interfaces.
Theoretical and experimental problems as well as application
scenarios will be studied.

We are looking for a person with strong research orientation,
rather wide background covering human information processing,
signal/image processing, neural networks and workstation programming,
and capable to access and synthesize knowledge from diverse fields.
We are more 'hard' than 'soft' oriented, looking also for technical
problems of supporting technologies, so the knowledge of software
side of computing may not be sufficient.

This is essentially an entry level, PhD-track position, within
academic environment. Good communication and presentation skills
in English are required since the project is international.
The position is not permanent, it is a 3 ys project, subject of
annual review.

For details and applications contact:
(Please consider carefully your qualities vs. the above before
flooding my communication links:-)

Dr. Irek Defee
Signal Processing Laboratory,
Tampere University of Technology,
Tampere, Finland.

Fax: +358-31-316 1857