What Greenspan is telling us!

What Greenspan is telling us!

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"Mr. Greenspan is telling us that one cannot be too careful about this
millennium event. Probably very little will happen out of the ordinary, but
you never know. Half a trillion dollars should cover it; it's a fair piece
of change.
On the other hand, none of us living souls have had any prior millennium
experience, with or without computers. So one can't be too careful if one is
running the world's most important central bank. Which, by the way, is
really the planet earth's central bank.
This is Greenspan at his best. . . .
The Fed must not be stingy in accommodating foreign money inflows. If folks
need dollars, give it to them. The fate of our long wave of prosperity may
hang in the balance. . . ."



1. 219 US Embasies Told To Prepare for Power Outages, Water Shortages etc (US Dept of State).


To protect against any potential negative impacts from Y2K disruptions, the
Department of State has formulated comprehensive contingency plans, which
called for assessments of every aspect of our 219 embassies and consulates
and Washington-based buildings and annexes' Y2K readiness. The Department
sent out the "Post Contingency Planning Tool Kit" in February, which
addressed the potential resource gaps (equipment, water, generators, etc.)
that could result from Y2K-related problems. Again, posts assessed such host
country scenarios as the effects of loss of electricity, water shortages,
failure of primary sources of communications and other events, during the
rollover period. Each embassy had to determine how long they could continue
business operations and maintain the safety and security of their staff, and
indicated what additional resources would be needed to maintain operations
if serious problems developed in the host-country infrastructure. Presently,
the individual regional bureaus are coordinating contingency efforts with
their respective posts.

This escaped my attention in September so maybe I'm not alone.


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