Cubasis AV Mac Audio-export - help!

Cubasis AV Mac Audio-export - help!

Post by Barry Levin » Tue, 18 Jun 2002 01:23:57

Hello Experts.

Aside from advice to upgrade to a newer software (one of these days...), can
anyone tell me why my audio export files don't reflect any volume changes
I've made to audio segments in the "Inspector"?

I'm just trying to do some important little things, like lift the overall
volume during parts of a song, etc., but it doesn't show up when exported to
a mixdown audio file.

Thanks mucho,

Barry Levine

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1. Cubasis AV on Mac - audio export problem


I'm trying to export a mixdown audio file w. Cubasis AV on a PowerMac
7200. Have edited parts of one audio track using the Inspector - some
parts were too loud; also put in a fade at the end. But when I export to
a mixdown audio track, none of the altered volume settings or fadeout
are reflected.  Tried exporting just the problematic audio track.. same

Does anybody know what the problem is?


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