Is Computer Science a Liberal Art?

Is Computer Science a Liberal Art?

Post by Oskars Rieks » Wed, 29 Sep 1993 03:47:22

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Although the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science is within
the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences on our campus, for over a decade
our discipline has been considered a "professional program" as is also
Nursing and Criminal Justice.  Therefore courses offered by our program
cannot be used to meet the liberal arts requirement.  I would be interested
in hearing from others to see whether this is an issue on other campuses
and, if so, how it was resolved.

   Given that Computing Science has roots in mathematics, logic and
philosophy that go back well over a hundred years and that it has been
right in the thick of intellectual ferment for almost 50 years, it is hard
for me to imagine any good reason why it would NOT be considered a liberal
art.  We are preparing to challenge the status quo on this and, hopefully,
restore Computer Science to its rightful place.  Any help on this would
be greatly appreciated.
   Thank you.

Oskars Rieksts