new mailing list anthro-design-l

new mailing list anthro-design-l

Post by Mark Dawso » Sun, 01 Sep 1996 04:00:00

New list announcement (a majordomo mailing list):
anthro-design-l, is intended to focus on qualitative methods in
industrial design, but it is open to anyone with an interest in the
social sciences as it relates to user-centered product design and
development.  This list was started on August 31, 1996 by

list evolves as interest picks up!

nothing in the subject line.  In the BODY of the mail put:
"Subscribe anthro-design-l" (without the quotes) and send it off.
If you have a .sig at the end on out-going mail, please suppress it.

If there are subscription problems, please contact me at:

Mark Dawson


1. New mailing list: CHI-IDI- ACM SIGCHI Issues in Interface Design and Implementation

CHI-IDI: ACM SIGCHI Issues in Interface Design and Implementation

A new SIGCHI sponsored mailing list has been created for the discussion of
user interface design and implementation.  The purpose is to connect
practitioners and researchers interested in sharing their expertise and
resources to solve practical hands-on design and implementation problems
come up when building fieldable applications.  Goals of the list include

-         Helping graphic designers, interface designers and interface
programmers find common ground to solve shared problems

-         Discussing technical issues that underlie design decisions

-         Discussing techniques to implement innovative designs

-         Connecting new research ideas with professional practice.

This mailing list is geared away from the discussion of web technologies and
web based applications, a topic currently well covered by the CHI-WEB
mailing list.

To subscribe, send an empty email to

This list is also available in digest form and will be archived and
available by web via

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