Yahoo Instant Messenger - Video - Strange Colors

Yahoo Instant Messenger - Video - Strange Colors

Post by Dave Tu » Mon, 30 Dec 2002 03:40:27

I have Dell DImension XPS R450 with an STB nVIDIA TNT 16MB video card
connected to a NEC Multisync 5FGp monitor. Using a Logitech USB Camera
with drivers dated 2-26-99 version 1.01.1379. Using Yahoo Instant
Messenger (YIM)

When I view my own video using YIM I can see myself but the colors are
very strange - bright purple and yellow and sort of psychedelic
colors. I've tried adjusting camera properties within YIM which does
help but still not good video. Chat buddies see the same strange
colors I'm seeing. I can see chat buddies just fine in YIM - colors
are normal.

Other applications which use the same Logitech camera do not exhibit
this problem (e.g. MS NetMeeting, Logitech provided applets, etc.).

I welcome any suggestions.