FS- DEC PRO 350 (PDP-11) w/ VT-100 and LA-50

FS- DEC PRO 350 (PDP-11) w/ VT-100 and LA-50

Post by F15EWeas » Mon, 03 Aug 1998 04:00:00

For Sale. Fully functional.  Make Offer. All manuals and TONS of DEC software



1. DEC PRO-350 (personal pdp-11/23) for $1200

Okay campers, my PRO-350 is on the block for $1200.

It's a PDP-11/23 running the RSX-11M+ (multitasking realtime) OS
found on most large PDPs (and compatible with RT-11).  It's got
512K RAM (more available), two 512K 5.25" floppies (same as microVax's),
and a 10M winchester (bigger ones available).  It has a high-res
graphics monitor, which (with its detached keyboard) is styled like
the VT2xx series of terminals (kinda purdy!).

Running RSX (which DEC calls P/OS Toolkit), it's a great personal
lab machine.  PDP-11 assembly language and interrupt control features
are legendary.  Mine has the MACRO-11 assembler, DEC's Pascal and
FORTRAN-77 compilers, Whitesmith's C compiler, and a PD lisp to boot.
It has both high-level (CORE) and low-level graphics libraries.
It also has a couple spreadsheet packages and a business management package.

VENIX (UNIX System V) is available for it from VentureCom.  I've used
it elsewhere and it seems pretty good; it's been tweaked to support
realtime applications (preemptive processes, 1/60 second sleeps, etc),
so the 350 would be a nice UNIX box.

It's been under maintenance contract since I got it (about three years
ago), and I've got version 3.0 of the OS in boxes (2.0 is running
now).  I've got too many computers in the homestead, so this one has
to go.  Give me a call or drop me a line!  $1200 for a PDP-11 with the
works?  Wow!

Steve Frysinger         201/386-7010 (weekdays)
                        y suy suy

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