controlling ir device?

controlling ir device?

Post by yaco » Tue, 19 Oct 1999 04:00:00

i have tv card (Tecap M205)
and I'm trying to figure if it's possible to control the IR device which
is in the card - if anyone has a clue how can it be done - please assist



1. Looking for IR remote control for a Mac


I'm working on a laserdisk based language course software and thought it
would be a nice addition if the user could lean back in his/her chair and
use a remote control to step though the language program, as it doesn't
require typing most of the time anyway.

Does anybody have an idea if there is a relatively cheap way to get your
own remote control (one, that you design yourself of course) made?
Ideally it would be an IR remote, but it could be also cable based.

I have seem IR remotes for Macs that allow you to control a powerpoint
presentation. Something like that would be a start, but ideally we
proably would need probably more buttons.

I'd appreciate any pointers to companies or tips how to build such stuff

Thanks a lot,


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