Post-Doctoral Research Position in User Interface Design at Rank Xerox Research Centre Cambridge

Post-Doctoral Research Position in User Interface Design at Rank Xerox Research Centre Cambridge

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Post-Doct*Research Position in User Interface design at Rank Xerox
Research Centre Cambridge

A post-doct*research position is available at Rank Xerox Research
Centre in Cambridge, England for a period of twelve months.  This position
is funded by the European Union under the Human Capital and Mobility (HCM)
scheme.  The conditions of the HCM award require that the successful
candidate is a national of a European Union country, excluding the UK, and
has not worked in the UK during the two years prior to taking up the
award.  The position must be taken up by January 1st 1996 and is subject
to approval of the selected candidate by the European Commission.    

The Rank Xerox Research Centre Cambridge Laboratory was founded in 1987.
Originally known as EuroPARC, it is now part of an expanding European
based research centre which includes a second laboratory opened in
Grenoble in 1993.  RXRC Cambridge carries out interdisciplinary research
in the development and use of technologies for supporting distributed
organisations, with a strong emphasis on the human and organisational
aspects of technology in use.  The laboratory has close links with a
number of divisions of Xerox and Rank Xerox, and also collaborates with
other research groups in the UK, continental Europe and the US.  

RXRC Cambridge is developing a range of activities which are aimed at
supporting collaborative work through the articulation and use of explicit
process representations.  This encompasses applications such as business
process and workflow management.  Our main focus is to develop ways of
working with process representations so that they act as genuine support
for getting work done rather than getting in the way as so often seems to
be the case in the current state of the art.  Two kinds of work are
contributing.  One strand is learning from the ways in which explicit
processes are currently used, in order to develop an understanding of
where they work well and and where they do not.  The second strand is
currently developing prototypes to explore ways of incorporating processes
into systems to support work in more effective ways.

This 12 month position is on the second strand and is to develop a
software architecture for user interfaces to process support systems.  The
architecture will support the relationships between presentational or
interactional aspects of the system and the underlying process definitions
and software environment.  The successful candidate will be expected to
take responsibility for developing the architecture, implementing an
application to demonstrate its use, and developing tools to support user
interface development within the architecture.

The successful applicant will have recently completed (or be about to
complete) a PhD in computer science or a related discipline, will
demonstrate experience of user interface software development, preferably
within a distributed environment, and will be comfortable working within a
broadly based research team which spans social and computer sciences.

To apply, please submit a Curriculum Vitae and the names of at least two
referees by June 30th 1995 to:
Allan MacLean,
Rank Xerox Research Centre
61 Regent Street,
Cambridge  CB2 1AB,

Fax:  + 44 1223 341525