Measuring Behavior 2002: conference update

Measuring Behavior 2002: conference update

Post by Lucas Nold » Fri, 31 May 2002 09:08:03

Measuring Behavior 2002

4th International Conference on Methods and Techniques in Behavi*

27-30 August 2002, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

- The conference website now shows a list of more than 160 accepted
*papers, posters and demonstrations. The list continues to grow!

- Also on the website: abstracts of all papers by invited speakers.

- The call for tutorials has attracted more than 10 short courses
about specific techniques, methods and tools for behavi*research.
Full details are on the website.

- Details about special symposia, scientific tours, SIGs and
exhibitors have also been updated.

- The early registration deadline is only two days away. Take
advantage of the reduced fee and register before 1 June!

We look forward to meeting you in Amsterdam!

Conference Secretariat: P.O. Box 268, 6700 AG Wageningen, The



1. Beware, following is not an open scientific meeting (Re: Measuring Behavior 2002: conference update)

Professionals & Scientists,

I am writing to notify the community that the meeting announced below
is not an open meeting.

I apoligize for airing this dispute on a public newsgroup, but I have
remained largely silent regarding this issue over the last few years.
I have attempted to register as an exhibitor at this scientific
meeting on numerous occasions, but have been denied an opportunity to
demonstrate my company's products because this meeting is actually a
showcase for the products of Noldus, and not an open meeting.

It does not claim to be a closed meeting, though I think it is
important for the professionals and scientists in the community to
know that only vendors which are not competitive to the original
sender are allowed to exhibit at this meeting.

Therefore, the meeting which represents itself as an
 "International Conference on Methods and Techniques in Behavioral
Research" presents a skewed view of solutions which are possible to
researchers interested in "Measuring Behavior".

Is this a scientific conference if it excludes the viewpoints of other

TRC, and many other company's barred from this meeting, offer
time-study technology used to Measure Behavior.

Lucas Noldus has stated to me that this meeting is only a "user-group

I feel the name is extremely misleading to all in the community, and
allows his company to "unfairly" bias the market, while damaging his
competitors severely.

I hope you will be supportive, and ask you to Please write to

the community, and to request that this meeting be opened to
competitive companies as a sign of compliance and fairness with the
meeting's stated goal.

I believe this unfairness has taken advantage of this community for
long enough.

Thank You for your time.

Ted Szostak

Triangle Research Collaborative, Inc. (TRC)
P.O. Box 12167, 100 Park Offices, Suite 115
Research Triangle Park (RTP), NC  27709-2167
work:  (919) 549-9093
fax:   (919) 549-0493

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