February Ottawa ACM/SIGCHI Meeting

February Ottawa ACM/SIGCHI Meeting

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Part 1 - Wednesday February 19, Self-learning guide [new]
Part 2 - Directions
Part 3 - Future meetings                     We _NEED_ your help.

Part 1. IdeaProcessor

Who?   Dr. Joel Muzard

When?  Wednesday February 19, 1997 from 7 pm to 9 pm

Where? Nortel Technology (formerly named BNR),
       Skyline Complex (Baseline Road at Merivale Road),
       Tower 7 (high rise at back)
       Ground Floor, Stevenson Room
       ---- See Part 2. Directions for more details ----

About the Talk

Applied information Atelier (AiA) inc.
Digital tools that provide new ways of modeling innovative thinking
and solutions

The Company
    AiA inc. was established in 1996 to design, develop and market
innovative products which facilitate idea and knowledge management,
idea and knowledge communication and facilitate modern engineering.

The Vision
    The Modern Organization needs to achieve more market impact by
leveraging the knowledge in people, by building systems that support
knowledge, and by going beyond knowledge management. Therefore, AiA's
vision is to facilitate innovation and problem solving by providing
communities and organizations with the tools and methodologies that
facilitate not only idea management and communication, but the growing
of knowledge.

The technologies: IdeaProcessor and Statex
    They are Applied information Ateliers, the place where knowledge
craftsmen work together representing problems, building prototypes and
creating solutions. Both systems are complementary, technically
advanced tools for qualitative and quantitative data processing,
content analysis, and system and knowledge engineering.

    IdeaProcessor is a technology composed of a user driven software
system and a methodology to facilitate the idea and knowledge
management and communication with a graphical, intuitive and
relational approach. It permits simultaneous access to concept
formation by work groups and promotes shared understanding and
consensus. It facilitates the visualisation of problems and their
solutions. It is an 'ideator' - an idea editor, and groupware.

    Statex is a powerful statistical expert system which allows data
mining - the extraction of meaning from a numeric data base - without
deep statistical knowledge. The software helps the user to organize
data, decides on appropriate methods, executes the analysis and
provides guidance for the interpretation of results.

There is more information available at:

About the Speaker

Dr. Joel Muzard
    Founder and President of Applied Information Atelier (AiA) inc.
Previously, he was Senior Researcher at the Centre for Information
Technology Innovation in Montreal area (owned by Industry Canada) for
10 years. He is a Psychologist and a Knowledge Engineer. He is
interested in learning how to learn, how to develop collaboration for
complex problem solving and the creation of knowledge.

Part 2. Directions

Enter the building from the back parking lot, down a ramp,
between towers 3 and 4.  (Other entrances are usually
closed in the evenings.)

Check in at the security desk. In the map T stand for Tower,
and street entrances are marked E.

There are graphic directions available at our web site:

here   [T7 ]
  ---->[   ]
                                [T1 ]     /                 North
 Park                           [   ]    /                    ^
 here                          [T2 ]    / Merivale Road       |
                               [   ]   /                      |
         [T5 ]       [T4 ][T3 ]       /
      ^  [   ]   ^   [   ][   ]      /
      |          |                  /
======|==========|==============================  Baseline Road
      E          E                /

[  Loblaws   ]
[ Superstore ]

Part 3. Future meetings

Here's the tentative plan:

!  nothing planned  !

We need your help in finding more topics and meetings.

We're always looking for speakers and topics. If you have an opinion,
can help arrange a speaker for a topic, or have a better suggestion,
contact someone on the executive.


If you have any questions, suggestions or requests about the CapCHI e-mail
list, please let me know.


Stephanie Macaulay

H: (613) 253-1044
F: (613) 253-8491