HELP !!!!

HELP !!!!

Post by Tim » Sat, 26 Jul 1997 04:00:00

I have two problems with two computers.
#( 1 )    Is an HP 133, w / windows 95
When It boots up I get an I/O address error durring post , before
windows even starts,
 and need to press F1 to resume. when windows comes up I don't find any
conflicts in device manager.  Any Ideas.

# (2) Is a different computer but the same model  HP 133 w / Win 95
I noticed a conflict in the device manager under com ports I fixed that
with no prodlem
Now no matter how I try , I can't seem to get windows to except the
modem that came with the system, I had trouble with it
 locking up windows every time any program would try to use it,  So I
figured I would remove it and reinstall it,
But now windows locks up when it trys to detect one. ????

Any help would be appecated, these are at my work and I'ld like to fix
these problems before monday If I could.
Please Email any help to

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